Our Picks For Top Ten Valentines Day Tech Gifts List For 2017

Every one needs a little loving. Get both fun and thoughtful gifts from our top ten valentines day tech gifts list. Make this Valentines an extra special one.

1. Fitness Activity Trackers

Active steps will keep the doctors away. Heard of the fitness goal of 10,000 steps a day. Has been known to keep you active and technically part of your daily work out. Life is fast paced and taking time to workout may not be nearly possible for others.

Ensure your loved one this year keeps in stride by striking his or her heels to achieve the total count recommended per day. This innovative gadget, measures the kick of your leg to hip motion. The steps to the washroom counts, cool right?

This activity fitness tracker is designed with the latest technology. Blue tooth enabled, supports offline monitoring. Its compatibility with most phones is awesome. The smart light function amazingly auto lights and displays time just by the turn of your hand. OLED display gives a better visual experience.

Steps accuracy is key, and rest assured of improved count system. The sedimentary reminder will get your valentine on their feet to achieve fitness goals. What better way to show love?

2. Gaming Headset – $80

Your valentine a gamer? It is a reality we love to hate. Some of us love our games, and want our me time too for playing video games. Let the video games not be a threat to your relationship. Rather, show you them with what your valentine loves most.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset

Gaming head sets provide incredibly audible game sounds, and good frequency to sounds you wouldn’t decipher with the naked ear. Game play is highly improved with faster reaction times. When actively competing with the boys all his wins will be attributed to you.
Do the video game sounds irritate you? Quality gaming head sets will isolate sound so not everybody will hear the sound effects of the game.

This newly updated gaming head sets are comfortable. With skin friendly ear muffs and super soft ear over ear pads you might even forget you have them on.

Delivers great effect delivering an experience of more clear and more strong rhythm. Put a smile on your loved ones face as he or she tackles their favorite video games.

3. Chromebook

Secure, cloud enabled and fast Chromebooks are an excellent alternative to laptops especially if someone does not need the power of desktop applications.Acer ChromeBook 11 Convertible

If you have non technical family and friends and you want to save yourself the headache of providing support for Windows/Mac then this is your best choice.


Bonus - the Acer Chromebook R11 convertible 
supports the Android Playstore.

Nice job Google for being forward thinking on integrating Android apps with Chromebooks.

4. A $35.00 Computer – aka Raspberry Pi 3

Perfect for those who like weekend projects to explore coding, electronics, controllers and more.

Sky is the limit with this affordable and powerful computer that can run a multitude of operating systems.

Raspberry Pi 3

We will have some Raspberry Pi project posts soon so stay tuned!

5. Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Don’t you love some flashing bright pearly whites? Well taken care of teeth, trickles down to the overall well being. We all want our loved ones to have good health right?OralB Rechargeable Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush provides extra cleaning, and with proper brushing techniques you are assured of great results. Various features of the electric toothbrush like gum massage and pressure sensors which let you know if you are brushing too hard.

Plaque does not stand a chance while using an electric toothbrush. The 3D cleaning action of the brush oscillates, pulses and rotates to break and remove plaque. The unique design of the bristles at 16 degrees, deep cleans in between teeth easily. The pro timer buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know you can move to the next part of your mouth. The alerts will enable brushing for 2 minutes which is recommended by dentist.

6. Apple Watch $294.

Apple sold millions of Apple watches last year and is set to sell even more this year. Probably the best smart watch at the moment. Its design is brings envy to many (talking to you Android watch makers).Apple Watch

Its versatility is beyond telling time. Interaction with multiple apps and games makes it robust with more functionality on his wrist. Its digital crown for zooming and scrolling gives the user precise control.

The software is just as impressive. Bright graphics, customizable watch faces, and crisp fonts makes it easy to get your games and apps with ease.

The ability to pick your calls from your watch is the beauty with this smart watch. Your phone in your pocket and receive your notifications from your wrist watch, who wouldn’t love that?
Fitness goals can be achieved with the activity app. The innovative stand ring shows you how much activity you have completed, steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled per day.
Health app will monitor your heart rate.

Its force touch technology, senses the pressure you use to tap on its face. Soft taps accidental will not activate the screen. This smart watch comes with a secure mobile payment method – Apple Pay. Pay for goods and services online at the touch of your watch.

7. Smart Home Devices

Amazon’s surprise success of the Echo started a new category with the smart home device featuring voice assistants.Amazon Echo

You can finally perform voice web searches, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, listen to podcasts, get weather reports, and connect popular smart home devices and control them.




The Google Home device is Googles answer to the Echo a great choice if you or the person you get this for is in the Google ecosystem.

Google Home

8. Wireless Headphones

No tangled mess, wireless headphones are simply convenient. The freedom of movement with this headphones is what makes them more attractive.

Cowin Wireless Headphones

This is an invaluable working out companion for those who love listening to their favorite tunes while burning those calories out. Comes in handy as a hands free set, due its blue tooth capability. He will not miss your calls while working out. Simply at the push of a button he is on call.

This headphones snugly fit to the ear, no risk of falling off even when exercising. Lightweight with a 90 degree swiveling ear cup. Amazingly comfortable you can wear this the whole day.

Its superior noise cancellation capability is amazing. Control volume conveniently inside the headset to suit your preferred volume. Enjoy your favorite tunes up to 30 hours playtime in blue tooth mode.

With its compact carry case, have it everywhere you go as you listen to true to life sound.

9. Drones with Camera

If your loved one is an aspiring photographer, gift them this valentine with this quad copter drone with camera. Perfect starter drone for professionals if they want to practice on more affordable hardware.Cheerwing Quad Copter Drone

These drones come with a camera and can be used to capture aerial view, panoramic view creatively and capture those beautiful moments. The drones capture different angles from the air, which brings out a scenery to behold.

Cheerwing Syma Headless Drone with Camera is designed with IOC function, which is a noise reduction functionality.

The HD camera streams quality videos and photographs while flying.

Wi-Fi FPV allows you to view videos and photos from your IOS and android phone. Flying time is 6 to 7 minutes, with a control distance of about 50 meters. Has a USB charger for more convenience and ease while charging.

10. USB Charger

Lovers of Star Wars will not mind this USB car charger designed as the “force awakens star wars” placed next to them in their car. With this fast paced life it is very frustrating to miss out on calls due to dead phone. With over reliance of the phone for not only to make and receive calls. The phone is a mini office, with checking of emails, edit documents, download media and much more.

R2 D2 USB Car Charger

USB chargers draw power from a functioning electronic device. This car charger is set on your cars cigarette lighter socket, and will draw the power needed to charge your devices. Simultaneously charge two devices with efficiency and safe power.

Any device that charges via USB is compatible. This car charger takes less space, and can be carried anywhere with ease. The car charger is versatile, it can be used in the house too.

Done! That was our top ten valentines day tech gifts list, what is your list? Please comment below to share!